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NEW book & documentary!

Samuel Clear

This November, 2013, at long last, the book - walk4one - Paving a Path to Unity - will be published and made available by Garratt Publishing! Walk4one follows the fifteen and a half thousand kilometre journey around the world for unity, from it's beginnings, through the trials, torment and triumphs, to it's humbling conclusion. 

Writing the book took twice as long as the walk itself did!!! 

Also, a documentary filmed by Daniel Saban at Transverb studios will be available at the same time. The documentary picks up where the books leaves off as Daniel and I head back to South and Central America in search of a few people who'd impacted me on the walk. We're joined by the fast-driving, clever-witted, and perennially hungry Polish orthopedic surgeon and friend, Wojtek Solecki, as a whole new adventure unfolds in some of the most dangerous places on the planet.

Check both publications out in the resources section of this site! 

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