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Break the Ice. Set a clear Direction.

Between 2006 & 2008, Sam Clear walked 15,600km around the world. Literally. The journey now lives on as he presents around Australia, New Zealand and the USA. Book him for an inspiring keynote today!

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What do you get if you take a polished public speaker and send him around the world on foot for 19months?

A story like nothing you've ever heard before.

Drawing on over twelve years of professional public speaking, Sam draws out the timeless lessons learnt from enduring a world of challenges.

From effective strategic planning, to navigating through countries listed as the most dangerous on the planet, from learning to communicate in nine languages, to winning people’s trust in the most dire circumstances, the complexity of the walk4one provides incredible insight into what works, and what simply distracts us from our goals. 

Setting out on the 16th of December 2006, Sam walked from the eastern most point of Brazil, through South America, Central America and North America, across Siberia on the Trans-Siberian Railway and on foot again from Moscow to the western most point of Spain, on a promotional walk for unity.

The journey encompassed twenty-one countries & ten languages, thrusting Sam onto the front page of numerous overseas news services as he continued onwards despite major obstacles. Having to find food and water every day and relying on the hospitality of complete strangers, he was mugged at knife point, threatened at gun point, bashed on the side of the road, came face to face with dangerous animals and experienced temperatures from -33°C to 47°C, yet through it all what stood tall was love in action under the most incredible circumstances. That, and how your planning can make or break you.

Adventurer, author, documentary producer, & missionary, Sam Clear, provides visually stimulating, action-packed and highly engaging keynotes that engage each individual in the art of communication & inspire all to persist through adversity.



Overcoming Adversity

The final step, Spain.

The final step, Spain.

One of Sam's past football coaches encouraged him after a shoulder reconstruction once that, "Courage is not the absence of fear; it's the mastery of it." 

Perhaps the most common question asked of Sam is, "Did you ever just want to pack up and go home?" His answer surprises, and challenges. How can one person endure so much and yet still persist, not just to finish, but to achieve so much more than anyone thought possible?  

Attacked - While walking Sam was held at gun point three times, at knife point by four men, and beaten up.

Hospitalised - Sam endured Salmonella poisoning, Typhoid fever, multiple food poisonings, a dislodged hip, stress fractures, a heart arrhythmia and two toe operations as he continued on. 

Unfavourable Conditions - From -33°C to 47°C, from driving snow storms to thundering electrical storms, from puma stand-offs to scorpion stings, the road ahead was never 'smooth'.

successful planning 

Negotiating a Canadian winter

Negotiating a Canadian winter

How do you 'plan' to walk 15,600km around the world by yourself  through countries you've never stepped foot in? Not to mention that some of them are listed as the most dangerous countries on the planet.

The more important question is how are the lessons learnt from that extensive exercise translated into our workplace and everyday lives?  

What aspects of planning work, and what simply distracts us from what you should be doing?

Support Crew - A team of people assisted Sam in pulling the journey together, but he was the only person to undertake the journey. It was just him and one 50L backpack... plus a lot of advice from those he met along the way.

Itinerary - GoogleMaps didn't exist during the year-long planning phase before the walk4one, yet Sam commenced the journey with a complete itinerary for every single day, including the name of the town he was heading for, the distance and the average temperature for that time of year. 


5min after holding Sam at gun point & all is calm

5min after holding Sam at gun point & all is calm

While pumas, gun-weilding assailants and tornados were easy to identify as a likely threat to the journey, the far more subtle threat that was art of communicating the mission with those he met and achieving the goals set out for the journey.  

When we communicate our ideas, instructions or objections are they both heard and understood?

What characteristics in our personality affect our ability to be understood? And why do some people respond with a smile while others resist? 


The Greatest Weapon - Sam is often asked why he didn't carry a weapon with him on such a dangerous journey. The answer is simple; "The greatest weapon we posses is our ability to communicate."

Who I Am - The simple way in which Sam introduced himself often determined whether or not he was accepted with open arms or rejected with force. The key wasn't learning nine languages from scratch. The key was learning how to communicate in those languages a way that affirmed the other as valued. 



"Sam Clear’s presentation was thought-provoking and motivating.
It captured the attention of all who heard it and inspired us to
think about making a difference to the world."

Robern Hinchliffe, St John’s Anglican College, Queensland 


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