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Corporate Keynotes, Teacher Professional Development Days, Student Reflection Days and Student Seminars - everything you'll need to set a new course in life.



“Through his epic journey Sam showed our students how to be people of faith and integrity. He may have been facilitating a student reflection day however the staff also walked away with his message of God’s love being abundant in our world. Staff and students have not stopped talking about the reflection day Sam facilitated.”

Religious Education Coordinator, Avila College, Glen Waverley

Inspire students to;

  • Reach out to those around them
  • Pursue their dreams
  • Place their trust in God
  • Appreciate the dignity of others
  • Increase the ability to communicate
  • Recognise their ability to impact the world around them! 


    • Full Reflection Days
    • 90Min Seminars
    • 60Min Seminars
    • Full Staff PD Day 
    • 90Min Keynote

Take 14 years of youth ministry & public speaking, combined it with a 19 month 15,600km walk around the world...

and you have an audience engaged.

“I do not hesitate in recommending Sam to any school to present to students, staff or the wider community.  Sam is professional, creative and well organised in his presentation and is easy to work with in preparing a program to suit the needs of the group he is working with.  He has a wonderful story to share!”

Jennifer Foldes
Adviser Religious Education (Secondary)
CEO Sydney, Southern Regional Office

The Story.... 

Setting out on the 16th of December 2006, Sam Clear walked 15,500km from the eastern most point of Brazil, through South America, Central America and North America, across Siberia on theTrans-Siberian Railway and on foot again from Moscow to the western most point of Spain, all for the sake of Christian unity.

The journey encompassed 20 countries, 10 languages, and 568 days thrusting Sam onto the front page of numerous overseas news services as he continued onwards despite major obstacles.

Having to find food and water every day and relying on the hospitality of complete strangers, he was mugged at knife point, threatened at gun point, bashed on the 

side of the road, came face to face with dangerous animals and experienced 80°C of temperatures from -33°C to 47°C, yet through it all what stood tall was God’s love in action under the most incredible circumstances.

Adventurer, MISSIONARY, 
author & documentary

          Sam Clear draws his audiences into a world of extreme challenges & faith through visually stimulating, action-packed and highly engaging presentations, inspiring all to set life goals, persist through adversity and genuinely impact the lives of those around them.





Sam has now facilitated in excess of 500 Reflection Days & Seminars across Australia, New Zealand & the United States. His book, walk4one - Paving a Path to Unity, is now used in numerous school's curriculum with Garratt Publishing's walk4one school resource.

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