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"Sam Clear’s epic walk around the globe is a stark and moving reminder of the presence of our loving God in every human heart, no matter their race, their culture or their creed."

Dr Dan White, Executive Director, Catholic Education Office, Sydney


walk4one: Paving a path to Unity


A story like nothing you've ever read before.

Sam Clear's autobiographical account of the 568 day journey around the world for unity  







Listen to Fr Richard Ross at the Australian Youth Festival as he launches walk4one - Paving a Path to Unity!

“…that they may all be one. As you, Father, are in me and I am in you, may they also be in us.” John 17:21

On ‘one given Sunday’, a young Tasmanian pledged himself to a mission: Samuel Clear would walk around the world—yes, the world—in an effort to urge and inspire all Christians to unite. That they may all be one.

He didn’t think it would be easy; but he had no idea how hard it was going to be…

Between the snakes and pumas and scorpions and wild dogs, between the gun-toting maniacs and knife-wielding thieves and racist homicidal drivers, between the thirst and pain and electric shocks and hospitalizations, between terrorist interrogations and KGB shakedowns … Sam finds the beauty and the love and the generosity of spirit in the ordinary people of the world—and discovers that unity means much more than just a name on a parish sign post.

Walk with him, and share the journey.



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Teaching and learning activities designed to be used alongside Sam Clear's autobiography walk4one: Paving a Path to Unity. Inquiry based learning activities based around three key themes: Community and Identity; Trust, Love and Faith; and Environment, Obstacles and Politics. Each topic within the themes is linked to an in-depth author interview. 






THEME 1: Community and Identity

Global Hot Spots: South America, Central America, Mexico

TOPIC 1: Diversity (cultural and religious)
TOPIC 2: Unity (Sam's mission)
TOPIC 3: Religion (Christian churches and differences)
TOPIC 4: Dignity of life (discrimination, human rights)
TOPIC 5: Social justice (poverty and access to education)



Garratt Publising is proud to supply the walk4one Educator's Guide CDROM. To purchase your copy go to  


THEME 2: Trust, Love and Faith

Global Spots: USA, Canada, Russia

TOPIC 1: Trust in God/others
TOPIC 2: Ethics
TOPIC 3: Religion
TOPIC 4: Spirituality

TOPIC 5: Social justice



THEME 3: Environment, Obstacles and Politics

Global Hot Spots: Latin America, Europe

TOPIC 1: Environment 
TOPIC 2: Overcoming obstacles
TOPIC 3: Religion
TOPIC 4: Citizenship

TOPIC 5: Social justice (homelessness)



4 episode Documentary & School Resource Package
120min + Educators Guide

The first five minutes of The Road to Adolfo documentary. Sit back and enjoy!

The 568 day, 15,600km walk around the world for unity included a devastating 1000km stretch from Venezuela to Panama. From the guns, violence, wild animals, racial abuse and illness, the most shattering jolt was dealt when Sam met Adolfo, a 24-year-old man who was preparing to risk everything for the sake of his family.

In 2012, Sam Clear travelled back to that tumultuous stretch of road with two friends to explore the greatest lesson from his journey; that unity without love is dead. In doing so, they hoped also to find Adolfo still alive.



Available from Parousia Media, or direct at Sam Clear speaking engagements!



A life-changing experience awaits at

"Fabulous examples of authentic family life and their intense connection and pride of their country….. A great opportunity to immerse yourself in an amazing culture."

Lucy Haigh
Indigenous Education Coordinator, Geelong Grammar School, Melbourne

Sam's journey may have finished, but the journey needs to continue each year for hundreds of young Australians!

Culture College can help create for your high school or university the immersion program of a life-time.

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